Vacon 20

Vacon 20

The Vacon 20 AC drive comes packed with functionality and possibilities to bring any machine control to a completely new level. The compact size in combination with a wide power range is the base, but the Vacon 20’s possibilities do not end there. A built-in PLC functionality, which is one of the most flexible on the market, makes this product adapt to every task and bring cost savings to the user.

Key benefits

  • Fieldbus connectivity includes CANOpen, DeviceNet and Profibus DP.
  • Parameter copying without main power
  • Custom-made software possible
  •  Built in PLC

Technical highlights

  •  Wide power range up to 18.5kW
  •  High performance and functionality
  •  Full I/0 + option board support
  •  Fast installation and setup
  • Built-in choke as option in >=16A types


 Cold Plate- Flexibility in Cooling

When the environment is more demanding or there is a cooling media such as liquid already available, the AC drive cooling can also be optimized further

Typical applications

  •  Pumps & Fans
  •  Conveyors
  •  Packaging, processing and washing machines