General features of control panel 3L-SP

Ø  Maximum number of 3L-AP and/ or 3L-DP

Ø  leak location panels:100 panels

Ø  Maximum accumulated length of sensing cable:19,200m

Ø  Max. accumulated length of communication cable  :3,500m

Ø  Display: Permanent backlight with LCD of 4 lines x 20 English characters

Ø  Sound Alarm:90 dB max. buzzer with silencing button

Ø  System Menu:Access to Event Log. System Resent, Language change, Configuration Mode

Ø  Time to display Leak/ Trouble from Supervised:18 seconds typical

Ø  Panel: Supervised Panels

Ø  Identification: By different panel number and name with up to 35 characters

Ø  Panel name setup: By PC-software

Ø  Event Log: 896 Time-stamped Events stored in non-volatile memory, First-in-First- out in case of overflow

Ø  Mechanical dimensions: Rugged ABS UL-VO case of 222 x 146 x 60mm

Ø  Ingress Protection:Dust and splash proof IP65