Elnet GT-color graphic energy & power analyzer

Elnet GT-color graphic energy & power analyzer

Ø         Simple operated menus

Ø         Multilingual support

Ø         All data daily logged up to 2 years

Ø         Harmonics up to 64th harmonic

Ø         1600 samples per cycle

Ø         Class 0.1 according to British standard EN50160

Ø         Accuracy 0.1% with special calibration

Ø         Up to one year alarms log

Ø         Ethernet (TCP/IP)&RS232/485 ports

Ø         Backlight color graphic LCD

Ø         High resolutions display 240*320pixels

Ø         Touch screen 5.7

Ø         Displays of waveform and bar graph

Ø         Simple installation-panel mounted

Ø         programmable