Motor System

Motor System

Standardized motor modules:

Ø         Spring loaded brake:
Sturdy spring-operated brake, 24VDC, 230VAC, 400VAC,
optional: rustproof, dustproof, silenced, with/without hand release, manual release locking device, micro switch theater-double brake, stage brake, back stop

Ø         Varying voltage ending:
Virtually all world voltages, 87/100Hz characteristic standard in frequency inverter operation, pole-changing windings, special windings on request

Ø         Forced cooling:
Single phase, three phase varying voltage (world voltages), galvanized or painted hood

Ø         Motor protection:
Triple PTC thermistor (TF), triple thermostat (TH), warning/cutoff (TF-TF), warning/cutoff (TH-TH), PT100

Ø         Speed measurement:
Incremental shaft encoder, absolute shaft encoder with SSI interface, Resolver, DC-Tacho, optional with a separate sensor attachment.

Ø         Special bearings:
Insulated, reinforced, high-temperature bearings

Ø         EUSAS Protection:
IP56/65, canopy, tropic-proof, increased thermal protection, insulation system suitable for inverter operation, protection cap

Ø         Connections/switches:
ON/OFF switch, ON/OFF/reversing switch, star/delta switch, star/delta/reversing switch, MIG- and EF-connect system